Lydia's father. He cares for his daughter deeply but isn't above calling her a tomboy.

He works as a professor in a London universty, specializing in gems and minerals. Unlike the "younger" genertaion of researchers, he is not only knowledgeable on the scientifice aspects of his specialization, but is also heavily interested in the romantic aspects of it. He also has extensive knowledge on several famous gems and their stories. 

He is accepting of the slightly dangerous nature of Lydia's job, and respects her descion in working as Edgar's consulant. He is, however, extremely suspicious of Edgar's intentions towards his young daughter, because he believes that noblemen would not seriously pursue women born into the lower class.

Becuase he has benn living apart from Lydia, it comes as something of a shock to him that she is already at the marriageable age.When he went to Mannon Isalnd, he found Edgar and Lydia escaping from pursuers. Edgar takes the opprounity to blantely proclaiming his undying love for her and ask's him for her hand in marriage, although Lydia immediatetly and honestly protests the joke. This apparently "shocks" Carlton into realizing that Lydia is grown up. Lydia has observed that his constant protests that she is "still a child" may reflect this. 

However, he eventually approved of Lydia's and Edgar's engagement.

He eloped with Lydia's mother Aurura, but the circumstances of their courtship are unknown to Lydia (who is understandably curious). In a sidestory, however, it transpires that he merely intended to "rescue" Aurora from her dismal fate in the Makhil family, and that Aurora was the one who proposed to him. He is exteremly embarrased about the one who proposed to (iinsted of the other way around, as was the norm of the time), and he intends to carry that particualr secret to his grave.

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